Euromed Expands By Acquiring Probelte Biotechnology

Bridgeville, PA October 2017

Euromed has acquired Probelte Biotechnologies (ProbelteBio) a leading manufacturer of nutraceutical ingredients located in Murcia, Spain. ProbelteBio was founded in 1970 and specializes in environmentally friendly extraction technology on ingredients known to be beneficial as part of the “Mediterranean diet.” Their location in the agriculturally rich region known as the “Garden of Europe” in Murcia provides ready access to plant origin raw materials and traceability for their products like olive and pomegranate.

ProbelteBio prides itself on producing botanical extracts with proven efficacy and has generated an impressive portfolio of scientific studies. Both the extraction technology and published efficacy studies have been protected as intellectual property in the form of 10 patents and numerous product trademarks that have been received by the firm.

The firm invested 23 million dollars in 2011 in advanced nutraceutical processing and as a result has obtained six industrial certifications. These include FSSC 22000, UNE-EN ISO 22000 and ISO TS 22002-1 and manufacturing oversight under HACCP compliance in its 215,000-square foot facility.

“The future for our fast-paced technologically rapidly advancing society is for consumers to obtain nutritionally enhanced foods and disease retarding dietary supplements,” according to Guy Woodman, General Manager of Euromed USA, Inc. “ProbelteBio helps us satisfy this societal need by bringing a similar philosophy of sustainability and traceability as Euromed to the control of their locally sourced agricultural raw materials and concentrated extracts.”

The addition of ProbelteBio accelerates Euromed’s product portfolio expansion and innovation objectives, particularly into vegetable and fruit based nutraceutical ingredients. The corporate research and development department will continue to be based at its Barcelona headquarters where its expanded laboratories and innovation center will be completed in December 2017.


Euromed supplies standardized botanical and herbal extracts and natural active substances for use in the pharmaceutical, health food, and cosmetics industries. By extracting the necessary chemicals, the company can guarantee its products meet the precise chemical specifications. Euromed was founded 46 years ago, and in 2016 the company was acquired by The Riverside Company; the US facility is in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit  or email or call 412-279-8808.