Valerian root – Dry Extract

EUROMED valerian extract is a standardized hydroalcoholic herbal extract of the root of Valeriana officials L. (Fam. Valerianaceace), a perennial herbaceous plant widely distributed mostly in Europe but also in some parts of South Africa and Asia. It is nowadays cultivated on a large scale for medicinal use in Europe.

Different compounds are found in valerian: – Kessane derivates, monoterpemes and sesquiterpenes – Iridoids, also known as valepotriates, and their degradation products baldrinal, homobaldrinal and valtroxal – small amounts of alkaloids as well as amino acids (GABA, tyrosine, glutamine), flavonoids, triterpenes, various minerals and sugars – volatile oil Leading substances for identifications and standardisation are cyclopetane-sesquiterpenes valerenic acid, acetoxyvalerenic acid, hydroxyvalerenic acid and valerian, as those components are only found in Valeriana officinalis.

> 0.3% ; > 0.8% valerenic acids