CuberUp® Cucumber Extract Enhances Joint Health and Muscle Function

Euromed®’s innovative cucumber extract, CuberUp®, has demonstrated significant benefits in a recent double-blind clinical study. The study, which involved adults with varying degrees of knee joint discomfort, found that participants taking 20 mg of CuberUp® experienced significant improvements in joint pain, mobility and even muscle function compared to those taking a placebo.

Andrea Zangara, Euromed’s Head of Scientific Communication and Medical Affairs, highlights CuberUp®’s potential to maintain joint and connective tissue health, prevent knee joint wear and tear, and improve mobility.

The eight-week study found that pain perception progressively decreased from week one, with significant differences observed by week four. In addition, participants demonstrated improved physical function and decreased biomarkers of cartilage degradation and inflammation.

These findings position CuberUp® as a promising natural solution for healthy aging, athletes and individuals seeking relief from joint discomfort.

These results were presented at the 14th Congress of Phytotherapy of the Spanish Society of Phytotherapy in April 2024.