Promoting Wellness Through Nature’s Bounty “Heart Health: What You Need to Know Now”

As concern grows over cardiovascular disease, experts are turning to natural remedies to promote heart health. While synthetic supplements dominate the market, Andrea Zangara, Head of Scientific Communication and Medical Affairs at Euromed, highlights the remarkable potential of natural compounds.

In the article written by Marissa Fox in Whole Foods Magazine, Zangara highlights the importance of polyphenols in supporting cardiovascular wellness. Through an acute clinical study, Zangara reveals the superior bioavailability of lemon-based extracts (Wellemon®) compared to their orange counterparts, suggesting their ability to boost cardiovascular, metabolic and immune functions.

In addition, Zangara points out the cardiovascular benefits of Pomanox®, a pomegranate fruit extract known not only for optimizing blood pressure, but also for its promising role in weight management, a critical aspect of heart health. In addition, Zangara introduces Pomalive®, a synergistic blend of olive and pomegranate extracts scientifically studied for its ability to improve lipid homeostasis, blood pressure and endothelial function.