Euromed’s Presentation of Initial Positive Results on a Human Study Using ABAlife™ Fig Fruit Extract Welcomed at the American Diabetes Association Meeting

Euromed’s unique extract merits further scientific investigation of Abscisic Acid’s benefits to blood sugar support

Euromed USA, a leading manufacturer of therapeutic botanical extracts, is proud to have been selected for inclusion at the prestigious 78th Annual American Diabetes Association meeting in Orlando, Florida. It is rare for a natural ingredient to be invited to make a presentation at the Annual ADA meeting, and Euromed’s fig fruit extract, ABAlife – Abscisic Acid – is one of the first to introduce the metabolic health benefits of ABA to the world. The study presented showed positive results using ABA life on glucose metabolism blood parameters.

The Company presented a poster on a new human study evaluating the efficacy of ABAlife™ on glucose metabolism blood parameters, particularly the Glycemic Index (GI) and the Insulinemic Index (II). The GI indicates how fast and efficiently the body can metabolize a carbohydrate meal, while the II shows how much insulin the body releases in response to a meal.

The study — conducted at an Australian University with established expertise in this field — researched the effects of two (2) different strengths of the active ingredient, abscisic acid (ABA), in ABAlife™ standardized extracts (100 mg and 200 mg) on post-prandial glucose and insulin responses in healthy subjects.

Promising Results
The highest dosage of 200 mg of ABAlife added to a glucose solution lowered overall levels and peaks in blood glucose and insulin between 30 and 120 minutes post-dose, and significantly improved glycemic index (GI) compared to a reference glucose solution alone. The lower dosage was also effective on GI but did not reach statistical significance. Both dosages however, were able to lower significantly the post-prandial Insulinemic Index (II), with the highest dosage indicating more significant values (p< 0.01). A clear dose-response reduction of GI and II was also elucidated from the data. This promising news about Abscisic Acid as found in ABAlife is currently being further researched right now.

Andrea Zangara, Euromed’s Scientific Marketing Manager, presented preliminary data on its patented product, ABAlife, to the conference attendees titled, “Effect of a Novel Ficus Carica L (Fig) Fruit Extract Standardized to Abscisic Acid on the Glycemic and Insulinemic Responses in Healthy Human Subjects.” An electronic version of the poster was also available for viewing and comments on-screen and on- line during the event on June 25th, 2018. The abstract is now published in the presticious scientific journal diabetes ( ). Please contact Euromed for further information at or call 877-696-3960 or email Guy(at)euromedusa(dot)com

ABA for Blood Sugar Support
According to the latest U.S. dietary survey, about 92% of the population might have a deficient intake of ABA due to their less than adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables. High glucose concentrations cause the β-pancreatic cells to release ABA, which improves the efficiency of a glucose transporter (Glut 4) to support glucose uptake into cells and enhances insulin efficiency, suggesting an adaptogen beneficial effect of ABA in promoting whole glycemic control and homeostasis. ABA consumed as a dietary supplement will be an aid in improving glucose tolerance in healthy individuals and those seeking health enhancement.

“Dietary intervention such as ABAlife supplementation in potentially reducing the risk of chronic diseases warrants further scientific examination. We are pleased to present our initial clinical trial data at the ADA Annual Meeting,” according to Guy Woodman, Euromed USA General Manager.

About ABAlife™
ABAlife is a proprietary all-natural line of botanical extracts that contain abscisic acid. The first product to be introduced is an extract from fig fruit, Ficus carica L. A long-standing foodstuff of Mediterranean populations, figs grow naturally throughout Spain and have one of the highest concentrations of abscisic acid found in nature. Because the American diets are usually lacking in adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables they may be deficient in ABA, a compound also produced endogenously. Diabetic patients have been found to have suboptimal levels of ABA. ABAlife delivers the scientifically proven health benefits of ABA while avoiding additional calories associated with eating figs.

About Euromed S.A.
Euromed, located in Barcelona, Spain, produces standardized botanical extracts and natural active substances for use in the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, and food industries. By extracting the necessary phytochemicals, the company is able to guarantee that each batch of its extracts meets the same profile documented in clinical studies to be safe and effective. The company was established by Madaus GmbH and is now owned by The Riverside Company, with its US office located in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. For additional information about Euromed’s extracts, call 877-696-3960 or email and visit