Scientific publications with Euromed’s ingredients awarded by a prestigious journal

Euromed is proud to announce that a study on its Wellemon® extract has been awarded the prestigious “Best Paper Award 2023” by Antioxidants, a renowned scientific journal. The study, entitled “New Insights into the Metabolism of the Flavanones Eriocitrin and Hesperidin: A Comparative Human Pharmacokinetic Study,” was published in the March 2021 issue of Antioxidants and stood out among the many submissions. The study examined the bioavailability and metabolism of Wellemon®, a water-soluble lemon extract standardized to eriocitrin.

The study’s principal investigator, Professor Dr. Juan Carlos Espín, expressed his delight at the recognition of their research. He emphasized the importance of shedding light on eriocitrin, a citrus compound with tremendous health potential that is not as well known as hesperidin. The use of standardized extracts such as Wellemon® was emphasized to ensure reproducible results in clinical studies given the high variability of natural products.

In addition, a paper on a study with Euromed’s ingredient Pomalive® was selected as a finalist for the Nutrients 2024 Best Paper Award. Pomalive® is a precisely formulated combination of standardized polyphenols derived from pomegranate and olive fruits. The study associated with Pomalive® focused on dyslipidemia and its potential cardiovascular benefits. The Nutrients 2024 Best Paper Award winners will be announced by the committee in August 2024.