Euromed Showcases Expertise in Ingredient Synergies for Optimal Health

Euromed, a leading player in the field of nutritional ingredients, was recently featured in an insightful article titled “Ingredient synergies II: Blending individual compounds for nutritional absorption and optimal health.” The article delves into the significance of combining ingredients to boost nutritional absorption and overall health. Euromed’s participation in this informative piece highlights the company’s commitment to advancing the science of nutrition.

In this compelling article authored by Beatrice Wihlander from CNS Media, Euromed’s head of scientific communication and medical affairs, Andrea Zangara, provided valuable insights into the world of ingredient synergies. Zangara emphasized the growing trend of combining probiotics with prebiotics, creating a symbiotic effect that supports gut health—a topic of increasing interest in the health and wellness industry. Additionally, Zangara discussed the benefits of combining polyphenols with soluble fibers, a strategy gaining substantial research attention for its potential to enhance prebiotic effects.

Euromed’s contributions underscore the company’s dedication to exploring innovative solutions for better nutrition and well-being. The article also highlights the historical significance of synergistic effects in traditional dietary styles, such as the Mediterranean diet, where certain food combinations enhance nutrient absorption.