WEBINAR ON DEMAND: Euromed® Explores Botanicals that “Prepare and Repair” Cells for Healthy Aging

Euromed® hosted a webinar focused on the growing demand for botanicals and their role in healthy aging. As consumers gravitate toward natural and holistic health solutions, botanicals are becoming popular alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals.


“Prepare, Repair, Go: Botanicals for a Youthful Tomorrow”
The role of botanicals in promoting an active lifestyle, supporting joint health, muscle strength, and cognitive function. The webinar also discussed the gut-brain connection and its impact on overall healt

Andrea Zangara, Head of Scientific Communications and Medical Affairs at Euromed®, highlighted the growing preference for comprehensive health solutions that support both physical and mental well-being. This trend is driven by an emphasis on preventative health, sustainability, and the holistic nature of botanical products.

Euromed® uses a patent-pending advanced water extraction technology to produce high-quality, bioavailable botanical extracts using ultrapure water called the Pure-Hydro Process®.

The webinar highlights botanical extracts such as Pomegranate (Pomanox®), Cucumber (CuberUp®) and Spinach (Spisar®) extract that provides benefits for physical performance, cognitive function and overall vitality. These ingredients are backed by scientific research, so consumers can have confidence in their health benefits.