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Our vision in traceability

Our Value Chain Journey

Euromed’s ultimate goal is to control every step of the supply chain, from soil and seed selection to sustainable harvesting and pharmacopoeial-grade phytochemical profiling, as outlined in our Traceability Circle of Excellence. Raw materials are tested for identity, potency and potential impurities at various points in the supply chain using an intensive battery of laboratory tests.

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From farm to delivery

The quality of the raw material is crucial to obtaining the premium quality extracts that are shipped daily to 5 continents.

Our selected suppliers follow Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) standards and are certified for organic cultivation. Over the past 50 years, we have worked closely with farmers and harvesters, providing training on Euromed-specific harvesting and post-harvest drying protocols. Qualification and regular certification of our suppliers ensures full traceability from field to final extract. Experience and knowledge allow us to harvest plants at their peak phytochemical concentration and procure a large supply to meet global customer production requirements.

Euromed Group icon step 1 on Circle of Excellence. Field recollection
Euromed Group icon step 2 on Circle of Excellence. Sun and plants production circle

Validation of raw materials

Every single batch of raw material we receive at our processing facilities is screened and analyzed to detect and confirm by a specific code that the botanicals contain the chemical profile confirmed by pharmacopoeias and literature, and are free of adulterants or impurities.

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Our Barcelona plant is certified as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing facility and holds several industry certifications, including ISO 14001 for environmental sustainability. The extracts comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, international pharmacopoeias and regulations, and are produced according to methods adopted and validated by EUROMED. Modern technologies are applied at each step of the manufacturing process, from different extraction methods to the application of product specific drying techniques such as spray drying, vacuum drying and vacuum belt drying. Different extraction technologies are designed to concentrate the target molecules while preserving the complete phytochemical profile as it exists in nature. Highly concentrated botanical derivatives require further purification steps such as liquid-liquid extraction, crystallization and column chromatography.

Euromed Group icon step 5 on Circle of Excellence. Euromed laboratory.

Quality of extracts

Each production batch, from herb to final extract, undergoes multiple laboratory tests for identity, potency and purity, a process certified by PhytoProof®, Euromed’s seal of quality. PhytoProof® extracts are highly bioavailable and provide tangible, reproducible results in clinical trials and meet consumer expectations.

Packaging, storage and delivery of the final extract

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euromed store barcelona
Euromed Group icon step 10 on Circle of Excellence. Truck transports Euromed product.
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Euromed Group interior offices in Mollet's headquarters main building
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